Sunday, March 06, 2022

Sunday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- James Tapper reports on the UK's soaring rates of long-term illness caused by COVID-19, while Tara Madden writes about the utter uselessness of people trying to substitute admonitions toward positive thinking for a plan to help people suffering from long COVID. And Denise Balkissoon writes that far too little attention is being paid to the transmission of COVID within animal species (and back into people).

- David Moscrop writes that there's no valid reason to make workers and citizens pay the price for inflation fearmongering through wage cuts or avoidable austerity. Cam Scott writes that the #FluTruxKlan reflects little but an active attempt to push social regression. And Markham Hislop notes that the rise of fascist activity is the result of economic despair being preyed on by the Cons and their allies. 

 - Max Fawcett offers advance warning of the preposterous "freedom oil" propaganda now being used to try to avoid any transition away from dirty fossil fuels. And Drew Anderson notes that even if somebody was desperate to try to push Canadian oil and gas in the European market, there's little practical way to make it happen.

- Finally, Corey Mintz discusses how the Ford government has chosen to legislate away employment protections in order to serve the interests of the apps exploiting precarious workers.

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