Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Katherine Wu calls out the wishful thinking (and deliberate neglect) behind any attempt to brand the Omicron COVID variant as "mild". Evelyn Lazare discusses the vicious circle created as the health care workers expected to care for the sick themselves become infected in droves by a disease that's been allowed to run rampant. And Ian Welsh offers a grim prognostication as to the consequences of the anti-precautionary principle being applied by Ontario's government (among so many others). 

- Meanwhile, Nathaniel Dove reports that the side effects of COVID include an escalating number of Saskatchewan people dying while waiting for surgery. And Kendall Latimer reports that the province also reached record highs in deaths due to drug poisonings, thanks in no small part to the provincial government's hostility to harm reduction and social determinants of health.  

- Dorothy Woodend responds to one of the main criticisms of Don't Look Up by arguing that we're long past any time for subtlety in dealing with a climate breakdown in progress. Maya Yang reports on research showing a strong majority of Americans recognizing the need for climate action - though sadly there's little reason to believe that will be reflected in policy outcomes. And CBC's What On Earth contrasts the progress other jurisdictions are making in transitioning away from fossil fuel infrastructure against Ontario's choice to build an increased number of natural gas connections. 

- Joseph Politano breaks down the components of the U.S.' current inflation, and finds no reason for concern about a wage-price spiral threatened as an excuse to impose punishing austerity on workers. 

- Finally, Linda McQuaig is hopeful that a new child care plan will remind Canadians of the value of investing in social development - but notes that the idea could go awry if it's hijacked by corporate profiteers, rather than building a public service. 

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