Thursday, September 09, 2021

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Steven Lewis writes about the increased COVID risk Saskatchewan is facing as a result of Scott Moe's refusal to govern. And Duane Bratt discusses how Jason Kenney has proven himself to be far out of touch with Alberta's values, while Charles Rusnell points out the combination of negligent government and inaccurate modeling which has pushed Alberta's health care system into a state of crisis.

- Sam Mellins highlights how the U.S. could be sharing vaccine manufacturing information with the world to prevent untold amounts of human suffering. 

- Dan Welsby, James Price, Steve Pye and Paul Ekins study the realities of the climate crisis, and find that only a small fraction of the planet's fossil fuel reserves can be used without producing calamitous consequences. 

- But Walker Bragman discusses how fossil fuel corporations are trying to wriggle out of any responsibility for the damage they've done to our living environment. And Drew Yewchuk notes that Alberta is using money supposedly collected for climate remediation to fund oil propaganda. 

- Finally, Binyamin Appelbaum writes about the workers fighting to exercise their collective strength in the face of a U.S. economy that's been rigged against them for decades. 

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