Sunday, July 04, 2021

Misreading the waves

How actual people (PDF) see the need for continued public health rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

Do you think governments should lift all restrictions related to COVID-19 right now? Yes 24% / No 69% / Don't Know 6% (Canada); Yes 33% / No 58% / Don't Know 9% (SK/MB)

How Murray Mandryk spins the public's mindset where it means giving Scott Moe an excuse to put us all at risk:

One gets it. The demand to end COVID-19 restrictions must feel like a tsunami to the Saskatchewan Party government, so even mild resistance to things like vaccine passports probably feels heavier than it is.

In reality, any tsunami of public opinion is manifestly on the side of taking care to avoid more avoidable COVID deaths. And to the extent there is any push to the contrary, it's largely a product of Moe and his party using every tool at the disposal of a government to tell the province that the pandemic is over - again in the face of the obvious reality.

But as long as pundits are willing to treat Saskatchewan Party talking points as gospel even in the face of actual evidence, it figures to be far more difficult to put that actual consensus into effect. And once again, innocent and vulnerable people will pay the price with their health and their lives.

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