Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Tom Parkin calls out Jason Kenney's defence of genocide and its architects in an attempt to keep his party's white supremacist base onside. And PressProgress notes that Kenney's insistence on turning an in-person Stampede into the greatest summer outbreak ever has large sponsors and even Canada's military keeping their distance.

- Kim Siever highlights the UCP's choice to hand a large private lab services contract to a major donor with massive lobbying influence rather than ensuring that needed services were delivered publicly. And Bob Weber reports on the findings of Alberta's Auditor General that the province is utterly failing to ensure polluters pay to clean up their messes at mine sites. 

- Meanwhile, Chloe Farand points out the absurdity of "net zero" spin from tar sands exploiters whose business model depends on standing in the way of a transition away from dirty fuels. Thomas Homer-Dixon and Duane Froese discuss the melting of permafrost as both an indicator and a cause of continued climate breakdown. And Oliver Milman reports on Antonio Gutierres' message that we're approaching a point of no return.

- Finally, Alex Boutilier reports on the RCMP's previously-denied use of facial recognition software - and it disregard for the law both in engaging in wanton violations of privacy, and in covering up its actions.

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