Monday, June 21, 2021

Monday Afternoon Links

 Assorted content to start your week.

- Josh Taylor reports on contact tracing which has revealed that "fleeting contact" can be enough to result in the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant. And Chris MacIntyre reports on some of the Yukon's largest outbreaks yet even in the face of widespread vaccination. But Theresa Kleim reports on Scott Moe's refusal to accept anything other than the complete elimination of any measures to protect public health in the face of an ongoing pandemic (not to mention a failure to reach Moe's own insufficient thresholds). 

- Heather Long writes about some of the changes to the U.S.' economy arising out of the pandemic - including both a further inflated real estate market, and the retention of some of the technology adopted to facilitate work in the face of public health restrictions. And Umair Haque discusses how the U.S.' economy is rigged against the working class. 

- Robert Cribb, Kelly Bennett and Emma Jarratt report on both the worsening working conditions in the clothing industry, and the failure of promised auditing and inspection processes.  

- Finally, Robert Reich writes that the attempt to paint China as the main threat to the U.S. serves only to distract from the much more real and severe threat of domestic fascism. 

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