Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Andrew Nikiforuk calls for us to learn from over a year's worth of experience with COVID-19 and guard against aerosol spread to limit the development and transmission of variants. And Ian Sample reports on new findings showing that children are at risk of long COVID effects even if they're able to avoid initial symptoms.

- Donya Ziaee writes about Justin Trudeau's choice to bow to investor pressure and break his promise to set national standards for long-term care residents and workers. And Paisley Sim points out how it's possible to fix Canada's current patchwork of paid sick leave requirements. 

- Donald MacPherson discusses Scott Moe's inhumane choice to endanger people's lives by refusing to fund Prairie Harm Reduction and other supervised consumption sites. But Jeremy Hainsworth's investigation points to the type of solution the Saskatchewan Party and its would likely support - as the B.C. Libs funded an addiction rehab clinic which turned its patients into political labour.

- Carbon Tracker examines how solar and wind power can replace non-renewable energy in full over the next few decades. Inayat Singh and Alice Hopson report that Unifor is on board with emission cuts to rein in the climate breakdown combined with a transition plan for workers. But Emma McIntosh discusses Doug Ford's continued place as a roadblock standing in the way of any modernization of Ontario's power grid.

- Finally, Liz Walker and Shanice Regis-Wilkins point out why anti-worker employers go so far out of their way to prevent their employees from unionizing. And Jerry Dias notes that it's executives rather than front-line workers who have picked up large amounts of pandemic pay. 

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