Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Max Fawcett discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inability of simplistic right-wing populism to respond to any complex problem. And Laura Sciarpelletti reports on one of the consequences of political leaders who are willing to feed into anti-science quackery, as anti-public-health propaganda is being allowed to run on Estevan billboards. 

- Mike Crawley exposes the horrifying preferences of Doug Ford's PCs to do nothing or even relax public health rules in the midst of a catastrophic health system failure, while Dan Darrah writes about the right's entrenched belief that profits are more important than people's health and well-being. John Michael McGrath is duly appalled that Ford is just now starting to pay attention to the most basic facts about COVID-19. Kenyon Wallace and May Warren report on new research showing how the coronavirus has spread more severely in already underprivileged communities. Roberta Bell talks to Susan Shaw about the imminent danger that Saskatchewan may need to start turning away emergency patients, while Elizabeth Payne discusses the growing number of pregnant women in intensive care as a result of COVID. And Hannah Ellis-Pederson reports on the uncontrolled outbreak of a new variant in India as the worst-case scenario.

- Jacob Lorinc notes that it's taken this long for a substantial portion of the corporate class to recognize that even it's better off if people have sick leave to allow them to limit their risk to the people around them. And Randy Robinson writes that the Day of Mourning for lost workers should offer a rallying point for labour to press the demand.

- Finally, Alexander Panetta writes about the reason for skepticism that Canada's latest greenhouse gas emission reduction commitment will be taken any more seriously than the previous rounds which have led to increases in carbon pollution. 

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