Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Bruce Arthur discusses how Doug Ford could prevent a third wave of COVID-19 in Ontario, but is choosing not to. John Michael McGrath writes that we need to stay vigilant in doing everything we can to limit the spread of the coronavirus even when our politicians are sending mixed or conflicting messages. David Rider reports on the warning from infectious disease experts not to relax public health restrictions in Toronto, while Colin Ruloff offers a reminder as to which experts deserve to be taken seriously. And Emily Pasiuk interviews Alex Wong about the likelihood that Regina's new COVID cases consist almost entirely of variants of concern.

- Sandra Martin writes that we should be ashamed of how we've treated seniors over the course of the pandemic. Stephanie Levitz reports on the Libs' willingness to endanger public health in order to put temporary workers to work faster. And Rank and File publishes a diary from a Shoppers' Drug Mart worker who has simultaneously been treated as essential and disposable.

- Jim Stanford and Daniel Poon examine how everybody benefits when workers have more of a voice - and greater control - in determining how their workplaces operate. But PressProgress reports on the efforts of Uber (and so many other precarity brokers) to entrench a new underclass of workers who lack normal protections.

- Michael Baker, Derek Messacar and Mark Stabile study (PDF) the effects of child tax benefits in Canada, concluding that they've succeeded in reducing poverty without affecting workforce participation by recipients. And Brendan Kennedy reports on the NDP's call for CERB amnesty for people with low incomes. 

- Finally, Luke Savage interviews UK Labour MP Jon Trickett about the need to focus political action on class relations rather than culture war distractions. 

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