Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Nazeem Muhajarine, Cory Neudorf, Kyle Anderson and Alexander Wong each point out the desperate need for Saskatchewan to keep people healthy in the face of new COVID-19 variants, while Zak Vescera discusses the contrast between what experts and recommended and what Scott Moe has chosen to do in minimizing any effective response. And Chris Chacon reports on similar warnings from Alberta's doctors which are likewise going unheeded, while Jason Herring notes that the cresting third wave is entirely preventable. Which means that it's time for a Photoshop inspired by the phrase commentators have begun using to describe Doug Ford's PCs (who themselves deserve nothing but criticism for increasing risks when we can least afford it):

- Meanwhile, Sara Mojtehedzadeh points out the gap between the COVID-19 cases actually traced back to Amazon, and the much smaller number reported to Ontario's workers' compensation system.

- Alexandra Rendely, Anjali Bhayana and Seema Marwaha discuss how the severe and long-lasting effects on long-haul COVID patients have all too often been erased from any discussion of both public health choice and health case systems. 

- Moira Walsh reports on the effects of the coronavirus on the nurses working to prevent and treat it. And Jennifer Yang looks at the plight of refugees and other precarious workers facing the risks of the front lines of a pandemic.

- Finally, Sharon Lerner discusses how big pharma plans to turn COVID-19 into a cash cow by inflating the price of vaccines as soon as it can find an excuse to do so.

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