Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Gabrielle Drolet discusses how essential workers have been left to bear the physical and emotional burdens of workplaces designed to prioritize the interests of bosses and customers first. And Bruce Western and Jake Rosenfeld study (PDF) the effect unions have in pushing for equity - and the associated lack thereof as governments and businesses have spent decades in an all-out war against labour. 

- Meanwhile, Dylan Matthews reports on the Biden administration's moves to make meatpacking work at least somewhat less abusive.

- The Guardian's editorial board comments on the need for speed in taking action to avert a climate breakdown. Peter Oldridge writes that the prairie premiers should start recognizing that the future will be powered by renewable energy. And Alex Ballingall rightly challenges Justin Trudeau's attempt to treat perpetual fossil fuel development and responsible climate policy as being remotely compatible with each other.

- Sharon Riley exposes how Alberta has undercut the protection of birds put at risk by tar sands tailings ponds. And Brian Cross notes that Alberta's farmers will be far worse off due to the UCP's choice to eliminate any credit for emission offsets.

 - Andrew Nikiforuk points out how the UCP tipped off foreign investors about their plans to push coal mining long before providing any notice to the communities which will bear the brunt of the resulting environmental damage. 

- Finally, Emma Gilchrist calls out Jason Kenney's attacks on journalists and environmental activists as a poor distraction from their own failings. And Jeremy Appel weighs in on the use of public money to fund conspiracy theories.

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