Saturday, January 09, 2021

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Jesse McLaren offers a reminder that a COVID-19 vaccine isn't a cure-all, as measures to help people through the pandemic (including paid sick days) remain a must.

- Aris Roussinos writes about the UK's "guilty men" responsible for a feckless response to a global pandemic. And Adam Miller highlights how provincial attempts to minimize public health measures have produced the worst outbreaks in Canada.

- Lauren Kaori Gurley reports on the type of anti-worker product generated by today's union-busting operations. 

- Justin Ling points out the Cons' latest attempt to dehumanize incarcerated people - and how their desire to withhold life-saving vaccines may be illegal as well as grossly immoral. And Cory Charles Cardinal offers the perspective of somebody currently fearing for his health while imprisoned.

- Finally, David Sirota, and report on the Republican tycoons behind this week's coup attempt - who are certain to keep funding an anti-democratic movement even as they try to distance themselves from the inevitable consequences of their actions. And Richard Seymour writes that an attempt to paint a single election result as a return to civility won't do anything to quell the violent alt-right movement that's been cultivated for so long.


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