Saturday, January 02, 2021

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Daisy Fancourt discusses how general non-compliance with public health orders and recommendations can be traced back to the perception that elites couldn't be bothered to do their part (and would never face consequences for their actions). Which leads of course to the latest on the conservative parade of pandemic vacations - with Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips resigning only after it was clear that would need to do so to save Doug Ford's hide, while multiple Sask Party and UCP MLAs and prominent staffers insist they're right to consider themselves above everybody else.

- Bryan Eneas reports on the Saskatchewan Coroners Service's need for additional morgue capacity to deal with the casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic, while Arthur White-Crummey reports on the outbreak affecting inmates and staff at the Regina Provincial Correctional Centre. (Needless to say, it's worth a reminder that Scott Moe believes those are the result of his government handling the pandemic perfectly.)

- Meanwhile, Kendall Latimer reports on families' calls for some currently-lacking transparency from private care homes. And Dr. Amit Arya, Dr. Naheed Dosani, Dr. Silvy Mathew and Dr. Andrew Boozary highlight the need to put an end to the for-profit long-term care which is trading residents' lives for temporary profits.

- Tom Parkin discusses how the NDP's strong level of current support can be traced to its focusing on people's needs in the course of the pandemic. And Jacob McLean discusses the importance of electoral organizing (including through the Ontario NDP) as part of any push for socialist policy.

- Finally, Marta Zaraska makes the case to work on increasing our level of empathy in the year to come.

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