Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Andre Picard writes about the cost of complacency in dealing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Matt Lundy examines Canada's highly unequal recovery, with a stark dividing line between people making more than $22 per hour who have mostly been barely affected by the COVID recession and those making less who have seen lasting damage. 

- Falice Chin reports on the bias of Canadian financial institutions against Black borrowers. Doug Cuthand points out that another provincial election has seen Indigenous people woefully underrepresented in Saskatchewan's legislature (and particularly in the government). And Stephanie Wood discusses the efforts of Sinixt people to reverse the government's longstanding declaration of extinction.

- Amanda Holpuch reports on the reason for hope that tenants are becoming more organized and active in the U.S.

- Selena Ross reports on the Montreal police shooting of Sheffield Matthews. And Caroline Haskins discusses the military tactics being used by Chicago's police to suppress activism around the U.S. election, while Alexandra Villarreal writes about how Kentucky police have been indoctrinated with violent racism (including direct quotes from Hitler). 

- Finally, the Globe and Mail's editorial board weighs in on the failure of Canada's prisons to actually keep people safe by rehabilitating inmates.

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