Saturday, November 14, 2020

Saturday Morning Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- Nazaneei Ismail Ali discusses how public procurement can and should be a means of improving social and economic conditions, not merely a source of easy profits for well-connected corporate contractors. Sara Mojtehedzadeh reports on an all-too-rare reprisal decision against a farm employer who tried to deport a worker for daring to raise COVID concerns. And Jason Foster examines the Kenney UCP's attacks on protections for workers in the midst of a pandemic.

- Laura Sciarpelletti reports on Nazeem Muhajarine's message that Saskatchewan needs a "circuit breaker" lockdown to protect people who depend on our social care systems. And Taylor Braat reports on the Alberta workers who are effectively being forced to work while sick, while noting that enforcement of public health rules doesn't help when people aren't given the necessary support to be able to comply with them. 

- Tahiat Mahboob reports on Saadia Sediqzadah's call for relationship-building and personal supports as a necessary foundation for mental health care.

- The Canadian Press reports on Jagmeet Singh's needed push for improved legislation and enforcement against hate groups. Steve Scherer discusses the significance of increased immigration as part of Canada's prospects for recovery and development. And Susan Delacourt points out the contrast drawn by far too many Canadian leaders between Charter freedoms they're prepared to defend for political purposes, and those they're ready to abandon.

- Finally, Joel Laforest warns against drawing the wrong lessons from a U.S. election in which Republicans nearly retained the presidency and capitalized on an uninspiring Democratic message down the ballot.

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