Monday, November 30, 2020

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Daniela Gabor writes that there's no reason to treat the spending needed to allow people to survive a pandemic-induced recession as an excuse for avoidable austerity.

- Seth Klein comments on the need to treat climate change as an emergency rather than a remote possibility. And Fiona Koza, Naolo Charles, Jennifer Beeman, Ingrid Waldron, Dayna Scott, Kristian Ferreira and Peter Wood discuss the opportunity for Canada to finally overcome a history of environmental racism. But Don Pittis points out how our climate breakdown has been pushed out of the centre of our current policy discussions - even as an inclusive Green New Deal represents the most sensible COVID-19 recovery plan. And Emily Atkin writes about the dangers of expecting solutions from the same systems and individuals who have failed to deal with the climate crisis before.

- Aaron Wherry examines the more glaring holes in the Cons' attempt to turn "great reset" into a sinister plot rather than the Libs' latest attempt at spin over substance, while the Star's editorial board highlights how it represents an attempt to normalize far-right conspiracy theories. And Tom Parkin notes that the Cons' failure to offer anything of value to voters looking for empathy and action is being reflected in their standing in the polls.

- Sean Frankling responds somewhat with evidence refuting an ugly attempt to use the need to work from home as an excuse to treat workers as dishonest. And the Economist goes further by charting how people are in fact working more hours during the pandemic.

- Finally, Jill Croteau reports on the glaring lack of action to apply the Westray Bill to hold employers responsible for causing the deaths of their workers.

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