Thursday, October 08, 2020

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Marc Lee examines the folly of the B.C. Libs' plan to slash the province's PST rather than investing in any recovery. And Chris Giles reports that even the IMF is pushing governments to boost public spending, rather than going through still more harmful rounds of austerity and tax cuts. 

- Max Fawcett discusses the emerging recognition that Canada has little to fear from right-wing threats about fiscal discipline. And Jason Hickel suggests that MMT is entirely consistent with both a move toward responsible degrowth, and a fairer distribution of income and assets.

- Amberley T. Ruetz, Evan Fraser and John Smithers make the case for a national school food program as part of Canada's recovery. And the Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer studies (PDF) the eminently affordable cost of ensuring everybody has access to dental care. 

- Jeff Tollefson discusses how U.S. science could take decades to recover from the damage inflicted by Donald Trump in a single term.

- Finally, Mark Campanale and Tzeporah Berman propose a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty to prevent bad actors from undermining any effort to avert climate catastrophe. And Jillian Ambrose reports on the energy sector workers who are eager to be part of a lasting transition to clean energy as long as reactionary governments aren't standing in the way.

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