Thursday, October 01, 2020

Thursday Morning Links

 This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Tom Kibasi examines how the UK Cons' mismanagement - both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic - has resulted in disastrous public health consequences. And Denna Berg and Karin Taylor find that right-wing governments in general have seen far worse outcomes than parties which aren't hostile to the concept of state action in the public interest.  

- Bruce Arthur questions Doug Ford's absolute failure to take signs of rapid spread in Ontario seriously, while the Globe and Mail's editorial board notes that a fall wave is somehow catching conservative governments by surprise as it arrives on schedule. And Oliver Moore reports on the additional measures taken by Toronto's city council while the provincial government wastes valuable time.

- May Warren shares stories and suggestions from some of the people who have suffered from the coronavirus. Andre Picard warns against getting complacent about COVID-19 based on recent death numbers which don't reflect the continuing risk from the virus. And Zeynep Tufecki highlights why we should pay more attention to dispersion effects from superspreaders (rather than averages) in planning to mitigate harm. 

- Jillian Horton writes that mask wearing is the one free lunch available to us in limiting the spread of COVID-19. And that makes it particularly foolish of Scott Moe and his denialist crowd to be normalizing the anti-social choice to fall short of the bare minimum level of individual responsibility - particularly while refusing to respond adequately through public policy either. 

- Finally, Bob Weber reports on new research in the Canadian Medical Associaion Journal showing how income inequality is reflected in health outcomes. Kendall Latimer reports on the Saskatchewan Party's utter refusal to deal with an outbreak of HIV, particularly among Indigenous people. And Moira Wyton discusses how shortages of rural health care impose high costs on people who are often unable to afford them.

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