Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Tuesday Evening Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Jim Stanford discusses the need to ensure corporations pay their fair share for the social infrastructure which allows them to thrive.

- Jennifer Garrison writes about the gender imbalance in Alberta's back-to-school plan. And Heather Scoffield highlights how Justin Trudeau's prorogation of Parliament is contrary to any respect for the interests of Canadian women whose needs in the pandemic were being studied by one of the committees whose work was cut short.

- Meanwhile, Stephanie Ross and Larry Savage write about the women who are changing the face of the Canadian labour movement.

- Nafeez Ahmed reports on new research showing that the oil industry's expected life span is measured in only a few decades - with no need for new supplies in the meantime. And David Keith, Sarah Hastings-Simon and Ed Whittingham point out the futility of pouring money into a dying tar sands sector.

- Dylan Penner examines the disturbing connections between the fossil fuel sector and the militarization of police forces.

- Finally, Alexandre Tanzi writes about the massive benefits from reduced commuting as people were able to work from home in light of COVID-19.

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