Thursday, September 17, 2020

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Thomas Christopher Lange studies (PDF) the costs and effects of two dental care options, and concludes Canada would be best served with a universal dental care system. And Colleen Floyd and Jane Philpott highlight how increased reliance on private payments would do nothing but harm to our health care system.

- Greg Jericho rightly points out that a willingness to relax coronavirus restrictions does nothing to help anybody's economy if the virus continues to spread. Rachael D'Amore reports on the obvious risk that we'll see a spike in poverty in Canada as relief is terminated while a pandemic continues to rage. And Jennifer Yang and Brendan Kennedy discuss the impossible dilemma facing lower-income families who have to choose between their health and their children's education.

- Meanwhile, Forward Together proposes a plan to ensure that Canadians are taken care of through the continuing pandemic and its aftermath, while the Atkinson Foundation offers some pillars for a federal throne speech. And the Canadian Press reports on Toronto's first step to offer a dedicated shelter for people unable to self-isolate at home.

- Alyson Krueger warns that the demands developing around work from home under a quarantine threaten the concept of time off work as we know it.  

- Amina Zafar discusses the toll COVID-19 has taken on female immigrant health care workers in particular. And Indi Samarajiva calls out the racism underlying media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

- Finally, CBC News reports on the record number of children dying in the care of Saskatchewan's child welfare system. 

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