Thursday, August 20, 2020

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Ed Finn writes about the need to shift away from capitalist domination before the next major crisis strikes. And Larry Elliott laments the top-heavy recovery that's seen trillions of dollars pumped into inflating stock bubbles to further enrich the wealthiest few, while most people face the loss of minimal and temporary income supports.

- Meanwhile, Paul Taylor sets out a vision of turning recreational spaces into urban farms to ensure a supply of affordable and healthy food for the people who need it most. Dan Fumano reports on a push in British Columbia to ensure that rental housing stays in the hands of organizations who want to keep it affordable. And Patrick Condon makes the case to build small, modular houses in order to make sure everybody who needs a home has access to it - rather than presuming that homelessness can be solved merely by scattering makeshift camps. 

- Zoe Hyde and Med Aust study the spread of COVID-19 in schools, and find that there's little basis for the claim that children are less likely to become infected or spread the coronavirus than adults. Sarath Peiris highlights how the Saskatchewan Party's push to return students to school with few protective measures reflects a choice to prioritize politics over science and health. Sask Dispatch convenes a roundtable to respond to questions about the connection between public health and education. And Dennis Kendel, Anne Huang and Kyle Anderson also address some of the issues facing children and staff as the start of the school year approaches:

- Meanwhile, Zak Vescera reports on the record number of overdose deaths in Saskatchewan which are being met with a similarly callous response from Scott Moe and company.

- Finally, Sara Mojtehedzadeh reports on new research from the Decent Work and Health Network showing how Canada's lack of sick leave puts us all at risk.

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