Saturday, August 01, 2020

On disproportional representation

Yes, it's bad enough that fully 10% of the election candidates for the Saskatchewan Party have impaired driving convictions - including the Premier, and one individual who was convicted based on actions while he was in Cabinet.

But it's even worse when those numbers are compared to the Saskatchewan Party's inclusion levels for other identifiable types of people:
The Saskatchewan Party has named 55 candidates for the 2020 election. [Note: Per the party's own news feed, this has been updated by two candidates who make no mention of being a visible minority.]

Of those, 10 are women, four are visible minorities and two are Indigenous.
That's right: the Saskatchewan Party is providing as much of a platform for drunk drivers as for visible minorities and Indigenous people combined. (Indeed, more so given Scott Moe's inclusion in the first group.)

Which means that voters will have a stark contrast before them in determining which party reflects the province they want to see.

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