Thursday, July 09, 2020

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Sylvia Fuller and Yue Qian weigh in on how working mothers are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic (and a policy response which has included no effort to ensure the availability of child care).

- Peter Weber discusses how Sweden's insistence on staying open in the midst of a pandemic produced absolutely no economic gains while leading to thousands of avoidable deaths. Adrienne Matei explores the severe and lasting effects of even a "mild" case of COVID-19, while Ian Sample notes that the aftereffects may include serious brain disorders. And Shaun Griffin examines research showing how any hope for herd immunity to COVID-19 through natural infection is entirely misplaced.

- Adam Houston notes that Canada may need to make use of its compulsory licensing rights to ensure a supply of the medications which are being hoarded by the Trump administration. And Jesse Whattan warns that corporations may be looking for opportunities to sue governments under trade agreements for having the audacity to attempt to protect the public from the threat of a pandemic. 

- The Broadbent Institute and other organizations have called for a wealth tax in response to the Parliamentary Budget Office's recent study on its potential to raise revenue without affecting anything but unbridled greed. And Luke Savage makes the case to ensure that such a tax disperses power as well as money.

- Finally, Rick Smith writes about the rise of the U.S.' progressive left as finally providing an analogue to Canada's NDP.

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