Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thursday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- German Lopez surveys the growing body of research showing how masks help to slow the spread of COVID-19. John Michael McGrath points out the importance of focusing on making school settings safe, rather than prioritizing restaurants and bars. And Hannah Jackson reports on polling showing that Canadians are prepared to accept another shutdown if necessary to stop a second wave - though obviously responsible government now would be preferred over needing to respond to outbreaks later.

- Shelby Prokop-Millar highlights how a wealth tax would be both popular and productive in funding Canada's recovery from COVID-19.

- Meanwhile, Mia Rabson reports on the appalling bias of recovery funding toward boosting dirty fossil fuels rather than clean energy (or any other sustainable form of development). And Barry Saxifrage comments on both the continued rise in global greenhouse gas emissions, and Canada's embarrassing placement as one of the worst per-capita offenders.

- Anna Gross reports on new research showing how man-made emissions have caused Siberia's unprecedented heat wave. And Harry Cockburn discusses the catastrophic effects which could be produced by the melting of a single Antarctic glacier which is currently at risk.

- Finally, Fiona Odlum reports on how conditions in Saskatchewan's jails are even more inhumane than usual due to restrictions arising out of COVID-19. Alyshah Hasham discusses how a single criminal charge can trap a person in a cycle of legal restrictions and barriers. And Michael Spratt argues that we should view mandatory minimum sentences as not just pointless, but downright destructive of community safety.

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