Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Tuesday Morning Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Anca Matei writes that the coronavirus pandemic has provided us with another vivid example of how the accumulation of wealth (particularly in a small number of hands) has little to do with social health and well-being. And Rosa Pavanelli writes about the importance of rebuilding public services in the wake of COVID-19.

- Meanwhile, Richard Warnica reports on how Doug Ford's budget cuts and poor management undermined Ontario's public health agency just when it was needed most. And Phillip Inman points out that the UK Cons are treating a public health crisis as an opportunity to hold a fire sale of public land.

- Catherine Pearson reports on polling showing how teenagers have been affected by the pandemic - and the implications for already-insufficient mental health supports. 

- Michael Prince proposes that Canada establish a federal basic income for people with disabilities, with any savings to the provinces then allocated to personal supports and community services.

- Finally, Adam Galinsky discusses the brutality that results when police are equipped and trained to be military forces - though reports on the RCMP's plans to keep stockpiling armoured vehicles even in the face of additional scrutiny. And Philip Moscovitch writes about his reasons for never again calling police to check on his son's well-being.

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