Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- The Globe and Mail's editorial board argues that Canada has put far too few resources toward actually stopping the spread of the coronavirus, focusing instead on immediate financial concerns rather than the underlying health issue. Justin Kong and Tsui Yee Wu make the case for ensuring that everybody has access to high-quality masks. Andre Picard highlights the importance of dramatically expanding our testing capacity before we let our guard down and resume business resembling the previous normal. And the Star's editorial board discusses how child care is an absolute must for our economy to recover.

- Andrea Horwath writes that Ontarians have had enough of long-term care oriented toward profit rather than residents' well-being. And Jen St. Denis writes about the human cost of treating housing primarily as a source of wealth and profits, rather than a human right to be provided to people who lack it.

- Isaac Chotiner interviews Arif Husain about the potential for COVID-19 to cause catastrophic hunger around the globe.

- Charlie Smith and David Climenhaga each offer reminders that Canada's oil sands are primarily owned by outside capital, meaning that even the benefits of any future price increases would mostly flow out of the country. And Geoff Dembicki reports on Deborah Lawrence's analysis suggesting that oil sands extraction is past its shelf life as a viable business model.

- Finally, Shannon Gormley discusses the warped interpretation of "liberty" being pushed by the fringe movement determined to endanger everybody in order to avoid even the least intrusive of public health measures.

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