Monday, September 09, 2019

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Taylor Scallon discusses how GDP numbers fail to capture the precarious circumstances facing far too many Canadians. Kerri Breen reports on Ipsos' polling showing a majority of Canadians seeing the political system as being rigged in favour of a privileged few. But in case anybody assumed those types of concerns would serve the interests of the populist right, Owen Jones points out how Boris Johnson's plan to push bigotry in response to self-inflicted austerity looks to be failing miserably.

- Karl Smith writes that U.S. Republicans have essentially abandoned any willingness to discuss stimulus in the face of any economic downturn, even as perpetually more evidence shows the long-term harms caused by short-term economic pain.

- Evgeny Morozov discusses how MIT's willing association with Jeffrey Epstein (in order to take his money and launder his reputation) reflects the moral bankruptcy within the tech sector.

- Margot Young examines how the Libs' housing policy falls far short of both the party's own rhetoric and the needs of Canadian residents. And Josh Rubin points out the lack of rental construction even as soaring rents reflect an obvious need.

- Finally, Emily Eaton and Nick Day study how Saskatchewan's education system perpetuates the power of the oil industry.

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