Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday Evening Links

Assorted content for your Sunday reading.

- Binyamin Appelbaum discusses the folly of having turned economic decision-making over to people who somehow saw income inequality and the concentration of wealth as desirable ends. And Geoff Zochodne points out that Canada has been suffering from the "American disease" of having corporate cash converted into stock buybacks rather than the investment promised by the purveyors of corporate tax cuts.

- Meanwhile, Andrew Baker and Richard Murphy suggest a framework which could set minimum standards for corporate tax rates, and ensure that multinationals aren't able to avoid paying their fair share by sending income or assets offshore.

- Simon Tisdall writes that Donald Trump's musings about trying to buy Greenland are revealing in highlighting the belief that the parts of the natural environment facing the brunt of a climate breakdown are ripe for further exploitation. And Andre Pagliarini notes that a burning Amazon is another particularly glaring example of the same exploitative mindset, while Robert Hackett discusses how the fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline purchase and expansion represents a crucial step toward reversing it in Canada.

- Finally, Catherine Ford calls out Jason Kenney for stacking the deck against Alberta's most vulnerable workers in appointing a panel to cheerlead for a lower minimum wage.

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