Saturday, August 03, 2019

Saturday Afternoon Links

Assorted content for your weekend reading.

- The New York Times' editorial board highlights how many of the people looking to defend a habitable planet from environmental destruction are being met with state-assisted violence in response. And Oxfam examines how Australian mining companies are exploiting west Africa to the tune of billions of dollars of resources without any benefit going to citizens.

- AnnaMaria Andriotis, Ken Brown and Shane Shifflett discuss the plight of families borrowing more and more to give the appearance of keeping up a middle-class lifestyle which can't be supported by their income. And Raina Delisle examines the practical difficulties facing parents trying to get by at the poverty line.

- Margot Roosevelt reviews Steven Greenhouse's Beaten Down, Worked Up as highlighting the accomplishments of unions in checking corporate abuses - and the need for a strengthened labour movement to continue that role. 

- Simon Enoch comments on the long-term cost of P3s which is all too eagerly foisted on future generations by short-sighted and self-serving politicians. Dan Planeto takes note of the Sask Party's constant privatization of Saskatchewan's public services. And Vaughn Palmer writes about the need for far more investigation into the B.C. Libs' giveaway of public lands to developers who haven't even bothered to pay the cut-rate sticker price.

- Finally, James MacLeod writes that Canada's grossly inefficient enforcement mechanisms make it far too easy for businesses to avoid compensating citizens for severe privacy breaches.

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