Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- George Monbiot writes that the wealthiest few have responded to the rise of populism by funding their own killer clowns to assume power in place of anybody who might actually respond to the public interest. 

- And Chuck Collins calls for a 100% tax on estates over a billion dollars to ensure that accumulated wealth and power aren't left unchecked over a period of multiple generations. 

- Tom Parkin discusses the "battle of the bads" in this fall's federal election - along with the opportunity that raises for anybody who can rise even to the level of acceptability. And Robert Hackett writes about the importance of hope in overcoming inertia.

- Lee Wasserman questions why anybody is still building policy around the search for fossil fuels which can only contribute to climate catastrophe. David Climenhaga points out Jim Stanford's observations as to how Australia serves as a cautionary tale for anybody hoping to rely on private fossil fuel extraction and exporting as an economic panacea. And Norm Farrell highlights how British Columbia is essentially giving away its natural gas under the false assumption that sweetheart deals today will lead to remotely sustainable development in the future.

- Finally, Aleana Young writes that it's perfectly possible to run a small business while paying employees a living wage - and indeed that any business model which insists on employees living in poverty doesn't deserve to be granted special treatment by the government.

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