Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday Evening Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Farhana Yamin discusses the need to answer the imminent threat of climate breakdown with direct action to force politicians to develop an adequate response (which, to be clear, does not include new pipelines or other subsidies for fossil fuels). Peter Armstrong reports on how a deteriorating climate is making homes uninsurable. And the Sprawl writes that Alberta can't afford continued climate denial.

- Meanwhile, Marc Lee points out the absurdity of pretending that the increased extraction and burning of natural gas will do anything but exacerbate our climate crisis. And Simon Lewis and Charlotte Wheeler note that monocultural plantations are no substitute for natural forest ecosystems in mitigating carbon pollution.

- The Guardian reports on the worldwide consequences of the U.S.' generation and disposal of plastic waste.

- Dave Meslin writes about the undue corporate influence on Canadian politics. And Amanda Follett Hosgood questions why the same RCMP which pays short shrift to disappeared Indigenous women can find the capacity to serve as a private army for pipeline construction.

- Finally, Michael Salmato discusses how corporations and wealthy individuals pocketed the Trump tax giveaway while ensuring no benefits would trickle down to U.S. workers.

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  1. Gods - a True Believer.
    Tell you what - I have literally dozens of articles collected over almost 10 years of following the 'climate crisis' that have me nodding my head over the results of my first Search on the topic Nov 30, 2009. LaRouche had a cached article naming Anthropogenic Global Warming as a Hoax. My sidebar has lots of articles, there are more at supplemental Pages, and oldephartte.livejournal.com has so many it gets ridiculous ( there is a tagfile index ). But that's o.k. Write me off as a troll, a crank, and a tool of Big Oil without knowing a thing about me - simply because I do not bow and salaam to 'revealed truth' by "scientific consensus. Wowsers."
    Supposedly I should be impressed - and snort in derision instead. It seems every day on Quora there are new useful idiots pushing the schtick that man has sinned and needs Austerity.
    Here's just one sample of pushback against the Narrative.
    Why do people deny manmade climate change ?