Thursday, January 10, 2019

New column day

Here, on Scott Moe's apparent view that the only voice which deserves to be heard or amplified is that of the oil industry.

For further reading...
- Jie Jenny Zou is among many to have discussed the oil industry's track record of funding science denial in the interest of being able to pollute freely and take short-term profits while leaving long-term liabilities.
- And in case one didn't think there was enough astroturf around already, John Ivison has highlighted one new propaganda outlet connected to Brad Wall and the Sask Party's donors, while David Climenhaga pointed out another under development.
- Climenhaga has also written about both the Alberta NDP's publicly-funded PR work on behalf of the oil industry, and the UCP's even more extreme demands. And he's also noted how the University of Calgary has served as a mouthpiece for big oil.
- Finally, Arthur White-Crummet reported on Scott Moe's direct intervention to push for police to silence the Justice for our Stolen Children camp. Stephanie Taylor reported on Moe's explanation for selecting a fossil fuel rally alone as one to receive his participation and attention after previously claiming to consider himself above protests. And Charles Smith discusses how galling that was this week in particular, following as it did on the heels of both an empty Sixties Scoop apology and the advent of national protests against violations of Indigenous sovereignty in the name of fossil fuel development.

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