Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Room with a View

I'll be appearing on The View Up Here in about 20 minutes to discuss and expand on the column linked here.

For those interested in a bit of light reading and browsing as we discuss how Canada has failed to live up to its self-image as a generous and compassionate country, see:
- the OECD's current and historical social spending data, showing Canada falling behind recently while never having significantly outpaced the OECD average;
- Irene Papanicolas' study (cited by Andre Picard) comparing health and social spending among peer countries;
- Daniel Dutton's study on social spending and health spending in Canada, including the lack of the former compared to the latter; and
- Cases and studies on how Indigenous people in Canada are at a disadvantage in funding and access for child and welfare services, education and housing (PDF) among other areas.

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