Sunday, November 05, 2017

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- Andre Picard argues that Bernie Sanders' trip to highlight Canada's health care system shouldn't be taken as an indication we lack plenty of room for improvement. And Margot Sanger-Katz writes that Sanders indeed learned lessons about the holes in our health coverage.

- David Suzuki discusses the importance of ensuring that we're governed by people working toward the public interest, not the profit motive of the fossil fuel sector (or other exploitative industries). Patrick Metzger highlights how we're already paying a price - even beyond the harm to our planet - for a lack of meaningful climate change policy. And Janice Paskey discusses the "creative sentencing" that has allowed polluters to further their own interests even after having being responsible for environmental atrocities.

- Hayley Bennett notes that messages to promote environmental action might be more effective if they're framed to fit within social dominance theory - though it's worth noting that decoupling climate change from other important narratives about unfairness and exploitation may repel many essential allies in the fight.

- Meanwhile, Ian Welsh offers up a theory of change which explains that while changing set minds may be prohibitively difficult (especially in the absence of an imminent shock), longer-term change is downright inevitable. And Jessica Vomiero reports on a new study showing how pollution is linked to stress and anxiety.

- Finally, Chris Murphy offers a brief look at the privilege he recognizes for himself - while Hadiya Roderique goes into much greater depth about the disadvantages and wrenching choices facing minority students trying to find their way into the legal profession.

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