Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Mark Karlin interviews George Monbiot about the prospect of politics based on empathy, sharing and belonging.

- Andrew Jackson and Kate McInturff each offer their take on the federal fiscal update - with both lamenting the Libs' lack of ambition.

- Karl Nerenberg highlights how the federal government is ignoring the needs of workers facing precarity and poverty. And Brennan MacDonald reports that the Libs don't plan to change that pattern when it comes to giving workers more security through the pensions they've earned.

- Manuel Muniz notes that the same problem of an economy built around accumulating wealth for a few at the expense of the many is arising around the globe.

- Emma McIntosh reports on Ontario Environmental Commissioner Dianne Saxe's criticism of a provincial government which has consistently put Indigenous communities at risk. And Jorge Barrera exposes the neglect behind Health Canada's failure to respond to the human rights tribunal orders requiring that the federal government stop discriminating against Indigenous children.

- Finally, Paul Wells weighs in on the incoherence of Quebec's Bill 62. And Chantal Hebert notes that opposition is building based on competence issues as well as the discriminatory nature of the bill.

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  1. .. great links.. as always.. & merci beaucoup .. !
    I would add though, that I wish we were seeing more examinations of governmental failures. Whether Election Promises that just don't happen, or entrenched & flawed ideologies that just quit happening..

    One I would like to see pounded out via concerned Indy Bloggers & make its way into lazy Mainstream Media is in regard to SARA.. and government's failure to actually 'act' .. great law.. but without an elected Minister (aka 'public servant') moving the recommendation forward.. exactly zero is accomplished. Currently our Minister of Environment needs 6 months to review impact of protecting Boreal Caribou vis a vis 'The Economy'.. aka Big Energy.

    The same holds true re Orca, re Polar Bears - Grizzlies .. Wild Salmon.. and in fact, any creature who's habitat or primary food source is being eliminated. The concept of how entire food chains will collapse with extirpation of keychain species, seems to elude Political Parties.. instead its all about getting to the 'Rapture' of the neverending 'Grow the Economy' & getting our natural resources off to Asia.

    In my belief, there's probably a Pulitzer Prize awaiting a tight group of actual journalists, willing to dig out the failure and deceptions pimped out by our so called 'public servants'. Personally I don't care which political party gets hammered.. I just care that if you're a sellout to Big Energy you get hammered for it.. and the natural consequence should be getting barred from public service..