Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- The Oxford Martin School has published a new report on the spread of inequality. And Noah Smith discusses the role of offshoring along with automation in stacking the economic deck against workers.

- Meanwhile, Mike Blanchfield reports on the U.S.' refusal to allow workers to participate in any opening of borders under NAFTA or other trade agreements.

- Erin Schumaker highlights how paid sick leave is crucial to both physical and mental health - while the lack thereof causes needless damage to both. 

- Diana Sarosi writes that tax loopholes and other regressive elements of Canada's tax system have particularly harmful consequences for women. And while Tim Harper notes that it's the upper end of the spectrum raising a misguided complaint against even small steps toward tax fairness, John Ivison recognizes that the attempt to pretend the closing of loopholes will affect more than a highly privileged few is doomed to fail once people are aware of the facts.

- Finally, in the wake of the Equifax personal information hack, Bryce Covert makes the case for credit reporting to be a public function rather than a source of private profit.

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