Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- The Center for Economic Performance finds (PDF) that increased inequality and concentration among firms in an industry exacerbates disparities in wealth while putting downward pressure on wages. And Frank Partnoy warns that we may be headed for another financial crisis as loan obligations are again being repackaged as being far safer than they actually are.

- Sally Guy reviews Danielle Martin's Better Now as an important reminder of the value of universal public social programs. But Ruth Lopert and Steve Morgan offer a warning that the U.S.' plans for NAFTA include preventing Canada from building the national pharmacare program we want and deserve.

- Meanwhile, Cory Coleman reports that seniors with disabilities are the latest Saskatchewan residents to feel the brunt of the Saskatchewan Party's austerity. And Sarah Shartal points out the plight of Ontarians with disabilities who are similarly being left behind by their provincial government.

- The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour notes that Brad Wall has taken the unprecedented step of rejecting a labour nominee to the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board.

- Bengt Petersson, Rodrigo Mariscal and Kotaro Ishi study how women's participation in the workforce is crucial for Canada's economic success. And Lana Payne discusses the need for more women in politics - particularly in leadership roles.

- Finally, Shannon Gormley rightly wonders why any politician - let alone the entirety of the Libs and Cons - would have any trouble accepting the general principle that we shouldn't sell arms to human rights abusers. And Yves Engler points out that the Libs are similarly backing corporate human rights abuses by Canadian mining firms operating around the world.

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