Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday Evening Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Katie Allen reports on Kathleen O'Grady's look at precarious work - and how a generation of young workers is being taught to expect nothing more. Gareth Hutchens discusses Sally McManus' call for the labour movement to seek opportunities to disrupt an economic system set up to exploit workers. Andrew Jackson points out Canada's woeful job quality and severe poverty compared to international peers. And JaNay Queen offers a model for the social determinants of income security.

- Meanwhile, Martin Wolf discusses how inequality and insecurity serve to fuel populism of all kinds. Frank Graves analyzes how one definition of populism is viewed in Canada - finding that a majority of supporters of all parties are open to a message which incorporates populist themes from across the political spectrum. And John Herrman examines how the U.S.' most reactionary elements are trying to brand themselves as "alternative" in order to tap into anti-establishment sentiment.

- Lisa Windsteiger writes about the connection between shrinking social circles and growing inequality. And Jay Pitter points out how the Grenfell Tower tragedy could have been prevented if anybody near power had any interest in listening to people living in social housing.

- Finally, Clothilde Goujard highlights Naomi Klein's warning that Canada shouldn't mistake Justin Trudeau for a progressive leader - whether due to his own PR machine, or due to the contrast against Donald Trump. And Althia Raj reports on Trudeau's laughable claim that the MPs who did the work of studying potential electoral systems to blame for listening to Canadians in making recommendations rather than reading his mind as to the lone self-serving change he'd accept.

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