Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon Links

This and that for your Tuesday reading.

- Martin Lukacs contrasts Justin Trudeau's hype machine against the genuine hope offered by Jeremy Corbyn, while Paul Mason sees the election result as just a first battle against the UK's ruling elite. And Thomas Walkom discusses how left populism is the real winner of the UK's general election, while Jonathan Hopkin points out how austerity and inequality can lead to all kinds of unpredictable results.

- Meanwhile, SaskForward reminds us that Saskatchewan has a choice whether to put up with Brad Wall's preference for austerity and service cuts:

- And Eugene Robinson offers the latest update on how Kansas' corporatist tax-slashing blueprint (which Brad Wall remains determined to follow) has led to nothing but ruin.

- Chuck Collins discusses the increasing amount of wealth being hidden away from governments and public responsibility. But the EU is rightly cracking down on professionals who contribute to tax dodging - in stark contrast to how the Trudeau Libs have dealt with those whose firms contribute to offshoring.

- Finally, Nicole Williams tells the story of Lize Keenan, who soon stands to be homeless in P.E.I. due to a lack of affordable housing - even as investment in new units could provide both economic and social benefits.

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