Thursday, June 08, 2017

Thursday Morning Links

This and that for your Thursday reading.

- Christopher Hoy reminds us that as much as people are already outraged by inequality, we tend to underestimate its severity. And Faiza Shaheen writes about the dangers of unchecked inequality which erodes social bonds.

- Meanwhile, Andrea Hopkins discusses how Canadians are taking significant financial risks in borrowing against home values in order to paper over a continued lack of wage gains.

- Daniel Leblanc and Steven Chase report on the Libs' plans to burn tens of billions of dollars on military equipment in the name of "hard power". And Marie-Danielle Smith reports on Justin Trudeau's preference to leave nuclear threats in place rather than lifting a finger toward disarmament.

- But Chase and Robert Fife note that even as they try to push an every-country-for-itself defence policy, the Libs are simultaneously greasing the skids for Chinese capital to take over a sensitive satellite communication network.

- Julie Know reports on the provincial auditor's criticism of the Saskatchewan Party's continued refusal to regulate pipelines. And D.C. Fraser points out that privatized health services predictably haven't led to any promised reduction in wait times.

- Finally, Julia Belluz comments on the unfairness of fee-for-service medicine, with a particular focus on price gouging in U.S. emergency rooms.

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