Friday, June 02, 2017

Friday Morning Links

Assorted content to end your week.

- Don Pittis discusses the growing price everybody pays for more extreme weather events caused by climate change. And Adrienne Lafrance offers a grim look at what's in store if we can't curb greenhouse gas emissions in a hurry.

- Seth Klein and Shannon Daub write that British Columbia's Green-supported NDP government represents a historic opportunity for lasting progressive change, while Derrick O'Keefe comments on the prospect of a regular progressive majority to give effect to what most B.C. voters want. Maxwell Cameron recognizes the importance of a successful cooperate government in pursuing that end. Paul Willcocks declares citizens to be the big winner in B.C.'s election. And Nick Fillmore points out reasons for optimism for progressives from across Canada.

- Stefania Seccia highlights four principles which can end chronic homelessness - though they can largely be boiled down to treating people as mattering rather than being unworthy of help. And Matthew Yglesias comments on the importance of defending and improving the social safety net which already exists, rather than relying solely on a basic income to address poverty and inequality.

- But Steve Inskeep talks to Richard Reeves about the U.S.' privileged class which is hoarding opportunities which should be available to everybody. Patricia Cohen weighs in on the personal precarity created by uncertain incomes.

- Finally, Alberta Treasury Branches charts the rise of inequality in Alberta over a period of decades.

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