Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Scott Sinclair offers his take on what we can expect Donald Trump to pursue in renegotiating NAFTA, and points out that while there are some options which might boost Canadian manufacturing and other sectors, it's also possible that matters could get far worse for the citizens of all three included countries.

- Dave Seglins, Rachel Houlihan and Zach Dubinsky report on how Canada's lax system of corporate transparency and lack of enforcement allows us to be used by international tax evaders. And Justine Hunter highlights Bev Sellars' clever move to expose British Columbia's easily-abused system of mineral title by herself staking a claim to the land owned by Minister of Energy and Mines Bill Bennett.

- Emma Paling reports on NASA's latest video showing how the Earth is warming, while Arthur Neslen examines the more extreme weather and other climate change fallout anticipated for Europe. And Bob Weber reports on new research showing how even small amounts of fracking fluids cause substantial damage to fish and other wildlife. 

- PressProgress takes a look at the latest study showing that the effect of an increased minimum wage is to boost pay without affecting employment numbers.

- Finally, David Climenhaga writes about the case of Sudden Apocalyptic Deficit Syndrome which Brad Wall is trying to inflict on Saskatchewan:

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