Sunday, January 08, 2017

Sunday Morning Links

This and that for your Sunday reading.

- James Wilt writes that the PR campaign pushing pipelines is based largely on the false claim that the only other choice is to allow even more dangerous means of facilitating the burning of fossil fuels. And David Suzuki argues that the cost of addressing obvious environmental problems including climate change is only increasing as we delay acting on them.

- Jim Stanford notes that an intelligent response from Canada (as opposed to one based solely in free-trade dogma) could secure some advantages out of Donald Trump's expected trade policies.

- The CCPA's latest Monitor examines how tax reform is an essential piece in resolving fundamental economic problems.

- Kevin McKenna points out the efforts of Labour Councillor Matt Kerr to promote a basic income in the UK. And Debora Von Brenk reports on Ontario's move to start a conversation about rural poverty - which would seem to be well worth replicating in Saskatchewan.

- Finally, Doug Cuthand offers what seems to be a needed reminder that Canada's history goes back far beyond the 150-year mark being celebrated at great expense in 2017.


  1. Anonymous4:31 p.m.

    Greg - a couple of additions to your thoughts today (links later I just dropped in here).
    1) There appear to be a number of economists and / or writers on economics raising a common theme - that neo-liberalism as a form of capitalism is dying. One or two have gone further and stated that capitalism itself as an economic model is dying. Trouble is - no-one seems to be proposing a replacement which isn't reverting to some form of socialism or communism. Piketty identified the problems with the current model, but I'm not sure that he offered a better alternative either. If you spot anything in your readings that speak to this I would love to read them.

    Wascally Wabbit

  2. Pt. 2 - I came across a couple of Bob Rae articles / interviews today. I have always found Bob easy to talk to, even when we don't agree. The first of these was a short piece he posted (sorry - saw it this morning but didn't grab the link) praising the Aga Khan, the link with Pierre Trudeau from way back when Trudeau admitted thousands of Ismaeli refugees into Canada. One presumes this was at least in part to explain Justin and families invitation to stay on the Aga Khan's Island. A second one was a short interview this AM on CBC Radio where Bob was waxing eloquently about the sad history of original immigrants to Canada and their poor treatment of First Nations, breach of treaties etc. His argument was for much more funding to be provided to them in part as compensation of that historic treatment. I'm just guessing here, but I'm wondering whether Bob is voicing from outside the Cabinet Room, frustrations that Carolyn Bennett may be having with her peers and / or the PM.

    Wascally Wabbit