Monday, January 02, 2017

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your Monday reading.

- Paul Krugman offers a warning about Donald Trump's immediate moves to normalize corruption and cronyism as the foundation of his administration. And the New York Times' editorial board points out that corporations are enabling Trump's false claims with the expectation that they'll be rewarded with public giveaways, while Jeff Spross highlights how Trump stands to bolster a cult of personality by making workers dependent on his favour. 

- Philip Inman examines the Resolution Foundation's research showing that workers without guaranteed hours suffer a "precarious pay penalty" that leaves them far worse off than people doing the same jobs on permanent contracts. And John Have and Robert Brown note that older employees represent another group which may face adverse treatment, particularly when benefit plans terminate at age 65 even when an employee keeps working.

- Libby Brooks notes that Scotland is joining the list of jurisdictions examining the social benefits of a universal basic income. And Noah Smith comments on the relative merits of basic income and job guarantee policies - while rightly recognizing that the job market may be headed in a direction which makes the latter impossible.
- Peter Goffin highlights how the cost of medication affects the effectiveness of mental health treatment - particularly when it forces patients to choose between prescription drugs and basic needs such as food. And Eva Ferguson discusses the rise of food insecurity in Alberta.

- Finally, Tara Kiran reports on the millions of Ontarians - disproportionately including vulnerable populations - who have been left behind as a new primary care model has been implemented through most of the health care system.

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