Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material to start your week.

- Vanessa Williamson writes that plenty of Americans want to see wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share of taxes - only to have that strong desire ignored by policymakers. And Joseph Stiglitz and Erika Siu discuss the glaring need for stronger tax enforcement around the globe.

- Andrew Coyne rebuts the assumption from Brad Wall and others that there's no cost to ignoring the harms of climate change.

- Murray Mandryk points to the Saskatchewan Party's slashing of funding for teachers for Northern Saskatchewan as a prime example of austerity being inflicted most directly on the people who can least afford it.

- Geoff Leo pieces together the story of the Saskatchewan Party's Global Transportation Hub scandal - now featuring a second, failed attempt to enrich Brad Wall's cronies at public expense before the purchase which was ultimately pushed through. And the question which figures to reverberate for some time given the Saskatchewan Party's refusal to answer it is which shady operator was granted privileged access to Bill Boyd to that end.

- Karen McVeigh reports on Nevsun's use of forced labour and intimidation tactics in Eritrea as the latest example of mining-industry abuses around the world which should be a source of significant shame for Canada.

- Finally, John Washington tells the story of a widespread strike among U.S. prisoners being exploited for their cheap labour whose large-scale protests have received virtually no public attention. And Larry Schwartzol and Abby Shafroth point out how prison debt prevents people who have served a sentence from building a life afterward.


  1. Anonymous10:39 a.m.

    And you might also add the story that Mark Carney told Theresa May that he doesn't take direction on his policies from the political side; and Carney's revelations about Canadian corps' dead money from 2012 are resurfacing again - throwing yet another hot potato into #SunnyBoy's lap - and just after he had a cosey visit with John Manley of CIBC and CCCE (or whatever it is calling itself these days) fame!

    Wascally Wabbit

    1. Done in my Tuesday links - thanks for the note...