Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Glenn Greenwald interviews Alex Cuadros about his new book on how Brazil has been warped politically and economically by the whims of its billionaire class. And PressProgress takes a look at the impact of economic inequality on Canada's cities.

- Sharon Wright examines how draconian restrictions on social benefits are based on false assumptions as to why people need help to ameliorate poverty.

- David Bush and Gerard Di Trolio argue that while corporate apologists treat NAFTA as evidence that trade agreements have nothing but upside, the Canadian public has learned better. Cecile Barbiere notes that European countries have taken back the authority to decide for themselves whether to be locked into the CETA, while Michael Geist writes that the agreement looks to be in trouble. And Arthur Neslen notes how the TTIP and other trade deals could sabotage any effort to address climate change. 

- John Anderson highlights how U.S. online media empires are escaping paying taxes while profiting off of their business in Canada - and argues that it's long past time to stop letting them have a free ride.

- Finally, Sophia Reuss discusses the lip service being paid to public participation in Parliament's electoral reform committee. And Alison summarizes Jean-Pierre Kingsley's appearance - including his preference for a proportional system in urban areas. 

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