Thursday, July 07, 2016

New column day

Here, on the impending premiers' summit - and the need for any new deal on internal trade to recognize that provinces have to maintain the ability to foster their own economic development.

For further reading...
- Bill Curry and Robert Fife reported here on the pre-summit PR campaign to force the provinces to sign on, while Gordon Isfeld followed up.
- Meanwhile, Angella MacEwen offered a far more reasonable take on domestic trade:
Proponents are trying to argue that a negative list is ‘modern’ – but it’s just privatization and deregulation through the back door. As I told Blacklock’s Reporter, implementing a negative list to solve Canada’s internal trade barriers makes about as much sense as using a chain saw to trim your fingernails.
- Finally, Linda McQuaig highlights the entirely valid reasons for questioning the spread of "trade" agreements which entrench corporate power. And John Milloy's take on the need to listen to the public and take its interests into account is worth a look for those who haven't seen it yet.

[Edit: updated link.]

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