Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Wednesday Morning Links

Miscellaneous material for your mid-week reading.

- Brent Patterson points out the continued dangers of extrajudicial challenges to laws under the CETA. And John Jacobs examines (PDF) the likelihood that reduced tariffs under the Trans-Pacific Partnership would mostly push Canada toward further dependence on resource extraction.

- Ken Jacobs, Zohar Perla, Ian Perry and Dave Graham-Squire study the declining wages being paid to workers in the U.S.' manufacturing sector, along with the public costs of that drop. And Paul Sonn and Yannet Lathrop note that there's no reason to view lower wages as doing anything to influence the number of jobs available.

- CBC reports on new research into the connection between unemployment, economic insecurity and cancer deaths. And Emma Rumney discusses the OECD's conclusion that inequality leads to stagnating productivity and economic development.

- Stephen Hume notes that British Columbia's provincial clawbacks are essentially designed to force people with disabilities to live in poverty. And Travis Lupick reports that Vancouver's count of homeless people is at a ten-year high.

- Finally, Sophia Reuss discusses the need to hear from migrant workers in evaluating Canada's temporary foreign worker program - not only from the employers who seek to exploit them.

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