Monday, March 07, 2016

Monday Morning Links

Assorted content to start your week.

- Don Pittis rightly notes that there can be a significant difference between an economy trumpeted as growing due to share prices and profits, and one which actually provides benefits to workers - and that the U.S. looks to be making some rare progress on the latter point.

- Sarah Bakewell reports on a new study showing that the headhunters whose work consists of finding and placing corporate executives agree with the view that CEOs are both eminently replaceable and significantly overpaid. But Hamilton Nolan observes that the U.S.' corporate class is trying to increase its own share of the pie by trying to force workers to put in unpaid time. And Bernie Sanders's campaign highlights an extreme example of employer abuses - and the successful public policy response:

- Clare Leschin-Hoar writes about the massive social benefits which could be achieved by making healthy food more affordable.

- Finally, Geoff Leo follows up on the Sask Party's questionable Greater Transportation Hub land deal by reporting that the appraiser responsible for developing the province's valuation considered the sale price to be well out of the ordinary.

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