Saturday, February 27, 2016

On failed obstruction

I've written several times before that any federal climate change plan was doomed to fail if it allowed Brad Wall a veto over any emission reductions.

Well, it appears the Trudeau Libs have finally come to terms with that reality, indicating their intention to set national standards if it's not possible to reach agreement with the provinces. And Wall can hardly complain about the predictable result of his stubbornness - particularly when he's continuing it by declaring his refusal to sign on to any climate action whatsoever.

After all, a premier whose government obstinately refuses to engage in any good-faith discussion about a national priority can't reasonably be surprised when the federal government decides to move ahead without him. And what's more, he can't expect to have the input we'd otherwise want in shaping a plan which he intends to obstruct at every turn.

So the end result of Wall's decision to plant himself athwart provincial consultation yelling "stop" is merely to ensure that Saskatchewan has less say than it should in the outcome. And while it's for the best from a policy perspective that the Libs are moving ahead without Wall, Saskatchewan voters should look to their current premier for the answer as to why we won't have a meaningful place at the table in shaping the federal plan.


  1. Will Governor Wall continue this "I'm against it because *they* are for it" simpleton GOP/Obama behaviour forever?

    1. Oh, it's worse than that - he was against climate change action even when the Harper Cons were making noises about being for it.